At The Thriving Agency, we are experts in one thing:
‚ÄčAgency growth.

We advise ambitious owners of digital, creative, print, communications, advertising, and strategic marketing agencies on revenue growth, operational efficiency, and team development. 

Through our proven model, The Thriving Agency helps you navigate the process of building a prosperous, healthy business that grows strategically while offering more time, money and freedom from your agency. 

Skeptical? That's understandable! 

Given that there are thousands of people with questionable credentials offering business advice, it makes sense that you'd be experiencing some doubts! After all, what does the average consultant really know about running an agency? We would say, not much. 

At The Thriving Agency, were were agency OWNERS before we became agency advisors. We've lived what you're experiencing right now! 

Need more reasons to work with us? 

The Advisory Team

Lisa Kember founded her first agency at 27 and exited that business 10 years later. She has since built two other agencies and advised 300+ agencies through a training program. She also coaches CEOs of companies in many different sectors, offering a unique perspective on agency business development.

Angie Anderson has led several agencies to accelerated growth and profitability. Her unique expertise is in client management. She advises on account growth and strategic business development.


Our approach is accountability driven - we work with you to monitor the agency acceleration by closely monitoring the outcomes of the work we do, both leading and lagging indicators.

Scaling Experts

We have a proven track record in accelerating growth. Our combined history of 40+ years in the agency space has proven our ability to grow profitable, successful companies by working with agency principals willing to follow our model for growth.

Serial Entrepreneurs

Between the two, the partners have founded and built 7 companies. Three agency businesses and others including software application, property management, real estate investment, and training and content services.

Seekers and Sharers

Frequent keynote presenters and workshop facilitators at conferences in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Lisa and Angie have addressed over 50,000 attendees between them. Both are voracious readers and processors of information, believing that there is always more to learn and share.

Wherever You're Stuck, The Thriving Agency Can Help!

Aggressive Growth? You got it. 

We'll help you structure your business to allow rapid growth. Then we'll work with you to turn on that marketing tap and reap the rewards! 

Working Too Many Hours? Let's fix that.

Recover your free time by learning to manage your working hours wisely through our proven model. Regain the ability to relax in off hours.

Underperforming Team Members? No problem. 

Find, hire, and retain the top level talent in your agency. Whether full time or freelance, work only with the best people! 

Managing Profitability? Easy.

Smart agency owners know how to control costs, forecast and manage cash, and grow profits. Learn how to control the flow of money through your business and build wealth for you and your family! 


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